Thursday, May 26, 2005

For the Oil...

I have heard the Right make this point many times: If we (the United States) attacked Iraq for the oil, why aren't gas prices cheaper?

Today, Ann Coulter made this point in her collumn: "But as regular viewers of PBS know, in fact, we invaded Iraq for oil. Yes, precisely. That's why U.S. forces seized Iraq's oil fields right after Baghdad fell, confiscated their vast oil reserves, and now we can buy all the gasoline we want here at home for just pennies a gallon any time we want. Sorry, we what? Folks, my switchboard is completely lit up and this isn't even a radio show. "

They keep acting like the Bush Administration does things for "the people." Meanwhile, as Coulter points out, gasoline prices are sky high. And who is making huge profits? The oil companies...

Has the Military Industrial Complex and the Oil companies made huge profits from the Iraq War? YES
Have the Iraqi people, the US people, and the Iraqi and US peacekeepers? NO


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