Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are You Scared Yet?

Progress for America, a conservative group, has launched an ad campaign featuring this "commercial"

Now this is total fear-mongering propaganda. It makes its points by "responding" to misleading and fabricated arguments from the other side.

"Many seem to have forgotten the evil that happened only five years ago."

Now I didn't hear anybody ask what event was the 9/11 anniversary about, let alone many. Can anybody name one person who forgot about 9/11? "World Trade Center? What's that? Osama Bin Laden? Who's that? Oh that 9/11! Forgot all about it..."

"They would cut and run in the Middle East, leaving Al-Qaeda to attack us again."

Who? Again, can anyone name one person who wants Al-Qaeda to attack us again? As Jamie Holly writes:

"I have not heard of any one saying we should 'cut and run' from the Middle East. I have heard Democrats saying that we should start redeploying our troops in Iraq so we can focus on those who did attack us. The fact that the NATO commanded in Afghanistan all but issued an SOS yesterday calling for help to fight the Taliban shows that we are not focusing on the people who attacked us."

And by the way, some people really love that phrase "cut and run." I must admit, I would like the government to CUT military industrial complex corruption, and RUN a war on terror that follows American and International law.

"using proven surveillance that some would stop."

Who? The argument has been about following the law when using surveillance. The discussion has been about the surveillance having oversight through the courts (based upon the separation of powers and checks & balances that is in our constitution).

There has been much talk about "terrorism." And many Americans seem to be truly terrorized. But don't you think ads like this add to the terror? Children scared because a commercial comes on that says "these people want to kill us."

I think it is in-excusable to use fear as a political tool.


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