Friday, October 21, 2005

Help is desperately needed

The US media seems to be only able to cover one natural disaster at a time. Right now, it is the arrival of Hurricane Wilma.

What is not being covered enough is the terrible post earthquake situation in South Asia .

Officials raised the death toll to more than 47,700 people while regional authorities estimate figures as high as 79,000, according to The Associated Press. Local authorities reported 37,958 deaths in North West Frontier Province alone, another 40,000 in Kashmir and 1,360 in India.

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan called for an "immediate and exceptional escalation of the global relief effort," according to AP, to prevent a "second, massive wave of deaths" during the winter.

UN emergency relief chief, Jan Egeland said of the aid sent so far: "This is not enough. We have never had this kind of logistical nightmare ever. We thought the tsunami was the worst we could get. This is worse."


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