Friday, October 21, 2005

Brownie's FEMA employment extended

Today, the LA Times revealed that "[Michael] Brown is still on FEMA's payroll as a consultant... He works from home, where he is "pulling all the documentation together" for the investigations into Katrina response, she said, and his original 30-day contract was recently extended for another 30 days."

This comes right after the release of an email in which it seems Brown was too involved in dinner at a restaurant to deal with the unfolding Hurricane Katrina disaster. "He needs much more that (sic) 20 or 30 minutes," Brown's press secretary, Sharon Worthy wrote in an email."Restaurants are getting busy," she said. "We now have traffic to encounter to go to and from a location of his choise (sic), followed by wait service from the restaurant staff, eating, etc. Thank you."


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

If you have to rush your dinner, then the terrorists have already won.

Cindy Taylor is my hero, and people have pointed out that Sharon Worthy was probably only obeying orders.

8:31 PM


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