Friday, June 03, 2005

What to do when you need a crowd of supporters

For a week, Republican Bret Schundler's campaign Web site showed the fiery Republican primary candidate in a suit with a crowd of cheering supporters behind him. But the picture was really from a Howard Dean rally. Schundler's image was used to digitally replace that of a smiling Dean in the picture, and the former Jersey City mayor's name was superimposed over both a "Howard Dean for America" sign and a Dean cap worn by one of his supporters at a Great Falls, Va., rally last year. Big Fish, the Washington, D.C.-based marketing communications firm Schundler hired for his campaign, also worked on Dean's run. A junior staffer at the firm used the Dean photo from the company's photo collection, said Tom Frank, Big Fish's creative director. Frank issued a written apology to Schundler and said the candidate had no knowledge about the photo's origin.
from the Newsweek article GOP candidate's Web site used doctored Dean photo


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