Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jeff Gannon's Lie Detector Test

Jeff is bragging on his blog:
VINDICATION! NOT FAKE, NOT PLANT, NOT SHILL!I went on PAX TV's "Lie Detector" to answer questions about my two years in the White House press corps.
WATCH My critics are unusually silent.Let's strap some of my former colleagues to the polygraph. Come here, Helen! Better yet, let's hook up Dan Rather and Eason Jordan."

First of all, what would Helen (Thomas) have to lie about?

Second, why did Jeff look so surprised and relieved when the host said their test indicated he told the truth? He also mentioned that it was a "risk" to go on the show.

Third, the question was if he was "fed" questions, which implies that someone else wrote the question. Obviously, he was coming up with questions that were friendly, but how did he get in there? Did he spend the night? Did he have behind the scenes meetings with Whitehous staff? Why didn't "Lie Detector" ask these questions?

This site mentions talk about a DNA test (to prove he is/isn't Johnny Gosch). But clip they reference (and Gannon's clip) doesn't show any of that.

UPDATE: Since he no longer has access to the Whitehouse's press conferences, Gannon can only post the questions he would ask, if he were. On June 1st, he said that his Whitehouse press question would have been: "Would you comment on the results of the lie detector test I took to prove that I am not a Bush administration plant?" And he wonders why we call him a fake-journalist...


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