Monday, June 13, 2005

Jeff "Divorced from Reality" Gannon

In his blog, Jeff Gannon says:
Hard Left claiming 9/11 was "inside job"
I love to read things like this: STORY
Anyone paying attention would know why the Democrats are the minority party in this country since much of its base believes nonsense like this.

But if you go to his link and check the website's links, you'll find a link to the The Populist American. And when you read "about us" on the site, you'll read that the author rant against:
"a bunch of liberal, socialists, communist, and every other stupid ism that comes along tearing down our Republic with their lies in our class rooms, brainwashing our children."

Another link is the the American Free Press, which has links to:
Gun Owners of America
and many other Right Wing groups.

I'm sorry, Jeff. You're upset at something the HARD RIGHT wrote, not the HARD LEFT.


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