Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ann Coulter Thursday

It's Thursday! Time for a new Ann Coulter collumn. This week she has comments about:

Marraige: "See, the idea of marriage is to get a man other than your own father to support you while you raise children."

Deepthroat: "Of course, in Felt's defense, he wasn't Deep Throat. There was no Deep Throat. Now we know. As most people had generally assumed, the shadowy figure who made his first appearance in a late draft of "All The President's Men" was a composite of several sources."

The resignanation of Nixon: "This will come as small consolation to the Cambodians and Vietnamese tortured and slaughtered as a direct result of Nixon's fall."

Carter: "Ironically, only because of Watergate — which Felt helped instigate — could a nitwit like Jimmy Carter ever become president — a perch from which Carter pardoned draft dodgers and prosecuted Mark Felt."

The good news: This week's collumn did not mention the name Clinton once!


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