Monday, May 09, 2005

Whatever happened to Mullah Omar?

When the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, Mullah Omar was the top Taliban guy and one of the "most wanted." It's been years since I heard his name mentioned and was wondering what became of the Hunt for Omar.

The Rewards for Justice website still lists the reward for his capture at $10 million.

He is not one of the FBI's "most" wanted.

The Afghanisitan government has offered him amnesty (though the US will still apprehend those given amnesty by the Aftghan government).

An interesting side note: Abu Farraj al-Libbi was not on any of the lists and the US government had not offered a reward for his capture, but now that he's been apprehended by Pakastan, Bush said his capture was a "critical victory." "His arrest removes a dangerous enemy who was a direct threat to America and for those who love freedom," Bush said. The MSM says he was Al Queda's No.3 guy. Why weren't we looking for him?


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