Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bootsy Collins Interview

New Funk Times did an interview with Bootsy on July 25, 2002. I pulled these excerpts from a page at their website

Bootsy talks about ...

1. His new album (16")

2. His single "Play with Bootsy" (38")

3. Getting new exposure through the Nike commercials (2'55")

4. Reuniting with Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins, and Grady Thomas at the Nike "Funkship" video shoot (42")

5. Working with Snoop Dogg (and not having to ask him to watch his language) (0:46)

6. Shipping tapes from the U.S. to Germany (49")

7. Recording live (46")

8. His album's German executive producer Mousse T. (1'29")

9. The importance of spreading good vibes (45")

10. Getting off drugs (1'50")

11. Calming down after leaving the P.Funk road circus in 1979 (1'01")

12. U.S. artists on European labels (1'04")

13. Bobby Womack (1'12")

14. Macy Gray ... and having recorded enough songs for six albums (1'20")

15. His favorite P.Funk memory (1'35")

16. The most surprising outcome of a collaboration (2'33")

17. His favorite unreleased Bootsy track (0'43")

db etree, a "jam band" website that keeps track of setlists now has a section for George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars. Strangely, it can not be found on the main list of artists. I wonder what else is out there...


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