Saturday, October 29, 2005

Libby's replacement

This is from AlterNet:

Unitary Executive theory
Posted by Jan Frel on October 28, 2005 at 2:23 PM.
Scooter Libby's insta-replacement,
David Addington, believes in the Unitary Executive theory. If you guessed that this meant the power of one CEO who decides liberty and justice for all, you wouldn't be far off. It's not too far from King of Everything, really.
Here's a description of how it works by a
legal theorist from Michigan Law School:
Several scholars have recently rearticulated the "unitary executive theory" of Article II [of the Constitution], arguing that Article II vests the power to execute federal law solely in the President of the United States. Unitarians do not maintain that the President must personally execute all laws; Congress may establish an administrative bureaucracy and identify particular officials to assist the President in carrying out legislatively prescribed tasks. But, unitarians argue, such officials must always remain subject to the President's direction.
According to
Raw Story, Bush has made at least 95 decisions since 2001 using this unitary logic, including many of his ill-fated choices relating to torture and the Geneva Conventions. And who was the author of the infamous "torture memo?"
David Addington.


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