Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tabloid bought Playboy tape to shield Schwarzenegger

From FindLaw:

(AP) - LOS ANGELES-A tabloid publisher seeking a consulting contract with Arnold Schwarzenegger paid $2,000 for a Playboy video in which the future governor is shown groping a scantily clad woman, a newspaper reported Monday.

The move was an apparent bid to shield the actor during his run for governor, the Los Angeles Times said. The deal marks the second case in which the publisher American Media Inc. reportedly paid people to keep quiet about potentially embarrassing information about Schwarzenegger.

American Media, also known as AMI and which is the publisher of the National Enquirer, reportedly bought a copy of the video, titled "Carnival in Rio," from Thomas Wells of Los Angeles under terms that prohibited him from discussing the tapes with anyone outside the company.

"The governor had no knowledge of any activity that AMI may have undertaken regarding this issue," Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson told The Associated Press.


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