Monday, September 26, 2005

SLC Peace Rally

There was a large Peace Protest in Salt Lake City on Saturday. I would like to point out a couple differences between the coverage in Salt Lake's two main daily newspapers. The two papers represtented are the Deseret News (owned by the Mormon Church) and the "other" paper, the Salt Lake Tribune.

Headline of protest coverage

Deseret News:
3 are arrested at Salt Lake protest

Salt Lake Tribune:
SLC protesters join global call for pullout of troops from Iraq

Estimated number of protesters

Deseret News:
some 2,000

Salt Lake Tribune:
between 2,000 and 3,000

Direct quotes of Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson

Deseret News:
"The people must insist on the truth from our elected officials and our news media."

"The media has failed us miserably."

Salt Lake Tribune:
We will not be quiet. We will not be obsequious, silent witnesses to the lies, to the tragedies, to the destruction being perpetrated by President Bush, his cronies and the United States Congress."

We will not sit idly by while this president and his friends devastate this country, destroy our relationships with allies, and so heedlessly and needlessly kill so many and reek so much tragedy in so many lives around this world."

"To have this kind of a crowd in Utah where President Bush has enjoyed his greatest margin of victory in both of his elections is symbolic of what's going on nationwide. People are finally figuring out we've been lied to . . . and people in this country aren't going to stand for it anymore."


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