Friday, July 08, 2005

Bush falls off his bike again

From Fairfax Digital:
US President George W Bush hit a police officer while he was riding a bike on the grounds of the Gleneagles golf resort in Scotland.
Bush is at the resort for the G8 summit.
Bush suffered scrapes on his hands and arms when he fell off the bike and the police officer, who was patrolling the grounds, was taken to a hospital as a precaution, White House spokesman Scott McClellan.
It was raining at the time and Bush slid on the road.
His wounds were bandaged by the White House physician, McClellan said.
The extent of the officer's injuries was not known, but he might have an ankle injury, McClellan said.
The fall did not affect the president's schedule.
He went ahead with a dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth at the annual G8 summit.
The officer is a member of the Strathclyde police department.

From the Washington Post:
President Bush's European trip started with a nasty fall.
Bush, an avid and aggressive mountain biker, collided with a local police officer Wednesday during an afternoon ride at a golf resort here, scraping his hands and arms when he hit the asphalt.
Bush, who was wearing a helmet and traveling at what a spokesman called a "pretty good speed," quickly dusted himself off. But the officer, on foot at the time, was taken to a local hospital with an ankle injury. He was released when tests revealed no fracture.
White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Bush's scrapes were "mild to moderate" and did not interfere with the president's diplomatic schedule for the day. Bush appeared later in a tuxedo for dinner with Queen Elizabeth and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.
The bike, McClellan said, fared worse. It was unclear who was to blame for the crash.
Bush talked with the officer, a member of the local police department, and asked White House physician Richard Tubb to monitor his condition. Bush later called to check on him, McClellan said. "The president wished the officer well and said he was glad to hear he was doing okay," McClellan said. "The officer was reached on his cell phone while he was on his way home. The call lasted just a few minutes. They had a very pleasant conversation."
Bush, who turned 59 on Wednesday, prides himself on his physical fitness. He is no stranger to the dangers of biking. About a year ago, he wiped out while riding his bike at his Crawford, Tex., ranch, suffering cuts and bruises. Bush took up hard-core bicycling a few years ago after a knee injury forced him to quit running. His pace was known to leave even some well-conditioned Secret Service agents huffing.

Bush also fell off his Bike in May, 2004:
The president was 16 miles (26km) into a 17-mile ride on his ranch when he hit some loose soil while riding downhill. In addition to a military aide and Secret Service agent, Mr Bush was with his doctor, who treated him on the spot and has pronounced him "fine".
Mr Bush suffered "minor abrasions and scratches" during the fall, Trent Duffy told reporters.
He was wearing a bike helmet and mouth guard, he said.
"It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," Mr Duffy said.
"You know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it to say he wasn't whistling show tunes."
Mr Duffy added that the president had refused an offer to drive back to the house, and had cycled home.
In January 2002, he grazed his cheek after choking on a pretzel and fainting.
And in June 2003, he fell off his hi-tech Segway scooter.


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