Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bush Assassination Case

Prosecutors in the case against an alleged al-Qaida member charged with plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush have evidence that could help the defendant, and they want to hand it over. But they can't.

That's because his lawyer still lacks the necessary security clearances, four months after the charges were brought.

Ashraf Nubani, lawyer for Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, said he suspects the clearance will never come, handicapping his efforts to defend his client.
"It gives me the impression they're not going to clear me," Nubani said of the delay. "And I don't know of any good reason for it other than that the fact that I'm a Muslim and an Arab."

The government alleges that Abu Ali, 24, who grew up in Falls Church, confessed to joining al-Qaida in 2002 while studying overseas in Saudi Arabia. Prosecutors say he discussed numerous terrorist plots with al-Qaida members, including a plan to assassinate the president.

But Abu Ali says he gave a false confession after being tortured by Saudi authorities. Abu Ali claims he has the scars on his back to prove it. The U.S. government denies that Abu Ali was mistreated.
Both sides have photographs of Abu Ali's body that they say support their claims, and each side has suggested that the other's pictures have been doctored.

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